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Transforming Lives Through Finance and Fitness.

Holistic Solutions for Health and Wealth.

Welcome to Thrush Investment, where your Wellness and Financial goals come together seamlessly.

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Why Choose Us

Thrush Investment LTD rises above the crowd by serving as a multi-dimensional solution hub for your needs. We make managing your finances, fitness, and building projects effortless. Everything you need is right here, in one place. From sending and receiving money, to shaping your dream home, Thrush connects you to a network of expert solutions, all within a single tap.

Thrush Investment LTD isn't just about personal gain, we are deeply rooted in the community, tailoring services to local needs and promoting sustainability through eco-friendly practices and social impact initiatives.

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Our Services

  • Financial Services

    Thrush Investment offers diverse financial solutions, from Forex Bureau for currency transactions to seamless Money Remittance and Mobile Money services.

  • Fitness Services

    Thrive with diverse fitness programs, personalized training, and expert coaching. Foster a healthy lifestyle and empower lasting fitness goals with us.

  • Consultancy

    Drive business success with strategic insights. Our experts provide solutions in finance and fitness, ensuring holistic growth for individuals and organizations.

Our Values

  • Put our customers at the heart of everything: we're driven by empathy, leveraging qualitative and quantitative insights to delight and excite our customers.

  • Work with respect: we define success beyond profit, emphasizing respect for our team, customers, and community through inclusivity, diversity, and integrity.

  • Build trust with transparency: we communicate with our team and users in a clear, timely, and open manner.

  • Challenge ourselves to grow: we embrace bravery, curiosity, and ambition—and view mistakes as learning opportunities, not setbacks.

  • Be bold and move fast: we care about delivering value quickly, choosing incremental progress over perfection.

Financial Services

Experience financial empowerment with our comprehensive suite of services. Our Forex Bureau facilitates seamless currency transactions, ensuring efficient and secure international trading. Through our Money Remittance service, we provide hassle-free fund transfers, prioritizing speed and reliability. Additionally, our Mobile Money services offer convenient digital transactions, giving you control over your finances at your fingertips.

Thrush Investment is committed to delivering tailored financial solutions, ensuring your prosperity and success in a dynamic and ever-evolving financial landscape.

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Fitness Services

Experience fitness innovation at its best with The GymLab, a flagship venture under the umbrella of Thrush Investment Limited. The GymLab redefines workouts, offering state-of-the-art facilities, diverse classes, and expert guidance for a holistic fitness journey. With a commitment to inclusivity, cutting-edge equipment, and a vibrant community spirit, The GymLab mirrors Thrush Investment Limited's dedication to health and wellness.

Join The GymLab today to witness the fusion of top-tier fitness solutions and an unwavering commitment to transforming lives under the trusted banner of Thrush Investment Limited.

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Consultancy Services

Embark on a comprehensive journey of growth with our consultancy services. Thrush Investment delivers expert insights in finance, fitness, and professional construction services. In finance, our offerings span investment strategies, wealth management, and financial planning, all tailored to your unique goals. On the fitness front, we extend our consultancy to personalized training programs, wellness initiatives, and lifestyle guidance.

Additionally, our involvement in professional construction services ensures top-notch execution, reflecting our commitment to excellence across diverse domains, bringing holistic success to your business and personal endeavors.

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Construction Services

Discover excellence in construction with Thrush Investment. Our services encompass a spectrum of offerings, including project management, architectural design, and meticulous construction execution. Entrust us with your construction projects, and experience unparalleled dedication to quality, attention to detail, and on-time delivery. From residential to commercial projects, our seasoned team ensures a seamless process, guiding you from conception to completion.

Thrush Investment is your trusted partner in construction, committed to turning your vision into reality and creating spaces that stand as a testament to precision and craftsmanship.

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